This is an online application form for applying for a vehicle licence.

Please make sure you have all the relevant documentation downloaded/copied to attach to the application. This should include vehicle registration documentation or bill of sale, insurance documentation, MOT certificate and the driver's Rushcliffe drivers badge. You will also be prompted to pay the licence fee online by card payment.

Please be aware that on passing, all vehicle plates are POSTED to the applicant. Therefore when applying please allow time for the preparation and postage time and it is a condition of the licence that licence plates are displayed on the vehicle when it is being driven as a licenced vehicle.

When the application has been checked and the fee paid, an appointment confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm the appointment. Failure to attend on time will result in the examination being rearranged, possibly with an additional fee being charged.

We have asked the garages to send confirmation of the vehicle passes to us, to speed up delivery of the licence/plates. However, when the vehicle has passed the inspection you will be given a pass certificate which you should copy and email to or alternatively post to:

On passing the vehicle test all Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Plates and Licences will be POSTED to the applicant.

Rushcliffe Borough Council
Rushcliffe Arena
Rugby Road
West Bridgford
NG2 7YG.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the plates are securely affixed to your vehicle. You must purchase brackets in advance of your test to be used to fix the plates to your vehicle.

If your vehicle fails the inspection, a fail certificate will be issued and are test will be arranged. The printed licence should be handed to the licensed Operator (in the case of Private Hire vehicles) for whom you work, who will retain it until you change Operator or cancel the licence.

If you leave the trade or cease to use the vehicle as a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Vehicle, the licence plates MUST be returned to the Council. Please consider all the above information before proceeding as NO REFUNDS of any fees paid will be given.

If your vehicle is over 5 years old (Private Hire Vehicle) or 7 years old (Hackney Carriage) it will be examined twice per year and an additional fee will be required. It must be in exceptional condition and you are advised to read the attached sheet which gives details about exceptional condition.

The term "exceptional condition" is used to describe vehicles which are over any age limit set by the Council, but that can continue to be licensed because of their condition. Case law dictates that it is necessary to have such a condition because it is illegal for a Local Authority to have a blanket policy for all vehicles that is inflexible. (See Sharpe v Nottingham City Council, February 1981)

Any Council which imposes an age limit on its vehicles must be prepared to consider applications from vehicles that are in "exceptional condition" and the following specification is a guide to suggest the type of vehicles that Rushcliffe Borough Council will consider.

A vehicle of "exceptional condition" is one where the components i.e. mechanical, body panels, paint and trim are in an exceptional condition with regard to the age of the vehicle.

It is essential that the image of an exceptional older vehicle upholds the standards normally set by a much younger vehicle.

Key items that will be considered when determining whether or not a vehicle meets the standard expected of vehicles in "exceptional condition" are set out below:

  1. The underside condition of the vehicle does not show any signs of rusting or age, or deterioration.
  2. Mechanical condition is such that there should be no item that may show age, deterioration or cause or contribute to a less than safe, comfortable passenger ride.
  3. Bodywork should be in near perfect condition with no signs of panel age deterioration, dents or any other abrasions that may detract from the overall appearance of the vehicle.
  4. General paint condition should not show signs of fading, discolouration or mismatching and retain a finish generally found on much younger vehicles.
  5. Interior trims, panels, seating and carpets etc should be of a condition that is free from frayed, discoloured, faded or torn components.
  6. The passenger compartment should be free from damp or any other odours that may cause passenger discomfort.

Ultimately, the decision on whether or not a car can continue to be licensed under the proviso that it is in "exceptional condition" would have to be judged on the merits of each vehicle. Consideration would also have to be given to the type of vehicle, engine size, mileage and the fact that it is going to be used as a licensed private hire vehicle rather than a family saloon.

This decision is made by the testing staff and if you do not agree with their decision, then you may appeal to the Council's Licensing Department within 7 days. The Licensing Department's decision is final. The Licensing staff are also available to advise you on the various options available to you in order that you may make an informed decision.

In order to progress improvement in standards and support air quality improvements the Council will further reduce the age limit of vehicles being registered for use as a taxi or PHV for the first time. Any NEWLY LICENSED vehicle will only be able to be licensed with the Council if its date of first registration as stated on the DVLA V5 document, is on or after 01.01.2011. This coincides with euro standards improvement. Vehicles registered before this date will not be able to be licensed for the first time.

The Council will not license any currently licensed vehicle older than 12 years old from the date of first registration as from 1 January 2017.
The only exception to the above will be Minibus type vehicles which are manufactured or specially adapted for the carriage of wheelchair users which will have an age limit of 14 years from the date of first registration. Any such vehicle will be inspected to ensure that it conforms to this requirement.

Please be aware that there is a £115 fee for any new vehicles added to an operator's fleet. It is the responsibility of the operator to pay this charge, however, a new plate will not be issued if the operator has not paid the additional fee.

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