Please use this form to make an offer of repayment regarding a Housing Benefit Overpayment.

To complete this form, you will need the invoice numbers of the debts concerned and the current balances outstanding.

You will be able to make an offer of regular repayments, however you must provide details of your employment status, income for you and your partner, and details of you expenditure.

This information will solely be held by the Revenues Department of Rushcliffe Borough Council and will not be shared with or used by anyone else.

By completing this form you are consenting to provide personal data to Rushcliffe Borough Council, and this data will be held on record for a period of up to 7 years after your benefit claim ceases.

If you require any help our contact information can be found here.

Data Protection Privacy Notice

Please read this Privacy Notice which explains how any personal information you provide on this form will be used by Rushcliffe Borough Council.