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Rushcliffe Borough Council is now allowing private landlords to advertise their available properties on their website. This is a free of charge service and is to help landlords find tenant and for tenants to find a place to live.

Please provide as much information so that we can list the property on the Rushcliffe First Lets page.

If you advertise with us, we may be able to offer you:

  • - Golden Hello of £150 for your first letting*
  • - Deposit Guarantee Scheme*
  • - Express Delivery - we'll decide your tenant's Housing Benefit claim in just 24 hours
  • - Direct payment of Housing Benefit to you*
  • - A rent account with Nottingham Credit Union if your tenant doesn't have a bank account they can use.

* These items are available if you let a property to a tenant whom Rushcliffe Borough Council has assessed as being threatened with homelessness. Please check with us first.

Data Protection Privacy Notice

Please read this Privacy Notice which explains how any personal information you provide on this form will be used by Rushcliffe Borough Council.